A Summer Reading List? It’s a Family Tradition!

When I was a child my grandmother came to visit for two weeks out of each summer. She didn’t bring a reading list, exactly. Instead, she came with one suitcase full of clothes and one suitcase full of books. That second suitcase was her reading for two weeks, almost. She often finished her books early and chose other books to read from our shelves.

I’m no match for my grandmother, but I usually read loads of books on vacation, too. Not this year. This year I visited with friends, played games, walked the beach, and lazed around. That was great, but I’m glad I still have 2 months before school starts to catch up on my reading.

I’ve got a Kindle, the modern version of Grandma’s suitcase, but as you can see I still read physical books, too. Here are some of the middle grade and young adult books I’ve got in store:

HolesKindle to Read Page July 2015

I’ll supplement these with more galleys and trips to the library as the summer goes on.

What’s on your summer reading list?