Starter Zone (The Revelation Chronicles book 1)

by Chris Pavesic, 2017.

When scientists found a way for people to live forever, it seemed like a good thing. Hydrologists found that consciousness could be imprinted on a droplet of water and kept in tanks. But when the tanks were breached, disaster ensued and civilization as we know it dissolved.

Cami and her little sister, Alby, are trying to make their way out of the post-apocalyptic city in hopes of finding safety in the country. However, rain is dangerous now because each drop could contain someone’s consciousness looking for a body to house it. Combating people and nature is only the beginning of Cami and Alby’s adventure.

Starter Zone is a cracking story and a great start to an exciting new series. Full of mystery, intrigue, and high stakes, the story will pull readers in and keep them reading. Pavesic’s gaming history is clear in the writing and I think lovers of role-playing games, both virtual and IRL will especially enjoy the story.

Thanks to the generosity of the author, I had the opportunity to both read and listen to Starter Zone through the Kindle and Audible versions. The audio book is well produced and performed with varied voices, making the story and characters easy to follow. The one exception to this is the computer voice that gives results and statistics. I found that difficult to follow. Fortunately, this didn’t make it hard for me to follow the story line. All-in-all I loved having the audio book to listen to as I finished knitting my Christmas gifts.

I recommend Starter Zone to pre-teen and teen readers and to adults who like a good game-based adventure. I was quickly drawn into the story and began rooting for Cami and Albi from the first chapter. I was a bit startled at the somewhat abrupt ending to this first book of the series, but it also left me eager to read the next installment.

Chris Pavesic knows how to tell an epic story with interesting personal and ethical problems for the main character to overcome. I’ll be watching for more books in the Revelation Chronicles series.


Nirvana by J. R. Stewart

Blue Moon Publishers, 2015

It feels like a long time since she was a rock star in a college girl band. When the world changed Kenders had to choose. She could stay on her own in a world that was rapidly falling apart or marry Andrew and go with him to the Barracks, to relative safety and the continuation of Andrew’s scientific work. But nothing is simple in the Barracks. To stay, Kenders has had to sign on to a security job under the Corporal, and six months ago he gave her the word that Andrew was dead.

Kenders won’t believe it, she can’t, especially since she keeps encountering Andrew during her visits to Nirvana, the virtual reality world that everyone in the Barracks is allowed to access. Now the executives who run the Barracks are pressuring Kenders to sign and acknowledgement of Andrew’s death, and Kenders is in a secret race to find out if he’s alive or if the Andrew who visits her in Nirvana is as virtual as the environment around her.

This is the first book in a dystopian trilogy.

I read Nirvana as an electronic Advance Reader Copy courtesy of Blue Moon Publishers and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.