Flashback Friday: Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder

 My father brought these books home for me one by one beginning when I was five years old. He worked on Madison Avenue at the time, and I remember the thrill on the evenings he walked through the door with a white F. A. O. Schwarz bag in hand with a tell-tale yellow cover showing through. The whole series had the yellow covers with appealing illustrations from Garth Williams. My mother read the whole series to me then, and I reread them several times on my own. They still hold pride-of-place on my bookshelf. I read them again a number of years ago and was amazed at what a different story they tell to an adult and a mother.

I was seven and held the books as a firm favorite when the series was televised. I already wore my hair in two braids and had a distinct overbite –larger than but not completely unlike Melissa Gilbert’s. For a few years often I heard that I looked just like Laura on Little House on the Prairie. It was a popular show and I considered it a great complement. It was enough to make up for the liberties the show took with the story and only made me love the books more.

Flashback Fridays

I’ve decided to add a new feature on the blog, starting tomorrow. These won’t be reviews exactly; they’ll be memories, as Flashback Friday suggests.

I read a lot. I read quickly. I forget a lot of what I read, but some books stay with me. Fridays will be my chance to reminisce about books that have made an impression on me, that have shaped my life or ideas, books that are connected to the people I love or the person I was.

I’ve reread all of these books since the first time, but I haven’t read any of them recently. I’m writing these short posts from my memories to explore the part these stories had in shaping me as a reader and a person. As I’ve been thinking back and writing about books for upcoming Flashback Friday posts I’ve begun to notice interesting connections between my reading life, family life, and my social life, too. Perhaps someday I’ll write a post about what I discover.

I’d love to hear about your Flashback books. What books make your list? What did they mean to you?