Read Between the Lines by Jo Knowles

Read Between the Lines

Candlewick, 2015

Nine teenagers, one adult, one day, and one rude gesture that connects their stories. Told in ten vignettes, Jo Knowles’ story shows the face of human life and of the personal struggles that underlie each character’s actions. It also shows the real and tenuous connections between both friends and strangers.

I’m a fan of Jo Knowles’ books, and when I read an interview about this book I was intrigued enough with the premise to look for it at my local library. Read Between the Lines is built on a universal experience; I expect we’ve all been flipped the bird unfairly at one time or another. What makes this story rich is the way it portrays both how the “flipper” was provoked and the reaction of the “flippee.” I appreciated the insight into all of the characters’ lives. Every one of the characters is dealing with public perceptions, personal problems, and life. Reading Jo Knowles’ newest book is a sure way to spur deeper thought about rules, everyday misunderstandings, and the forces that drive us.

I checked this book out of my local library.

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