Never Forgotten by Kelly Risser

Never ForgottenClean Teen Publishing, 2014

Meara’s only ever had her mom, no dad or siblings, no grandparents. Then, the summer before Meara’s senior year Mom finds out that her cancer is back and it’s everywhere. Now Meara and her Mom are leaving Wisconsin to live with Meara’s grandparents in Nova Scotia. Meara was born there, but she doesn’t remember anything about the place or the people. She hasn’t seen either since she was a baby. When Meara and Mom return, Meara learns that many of the things she believed about her family and her life were lies, and the truth about who she is–it’s mind blowing.

In Nova Scotia Meara finds the family and the home she’s never had. She finds friendship and romance. But in the end Meara will have to face the biggest decision of her life.

I enjoyed this story about good people and bad decisions. It’s easy to feel empathy for Maera who is thrust into so many new things at once and losing her only anchor. I loved the setting, too. Nova Scotia has long been on my list of places to visit. The weather and the sea and the people pervaded Never Forgotten. They made me feel as if I’d been there and that I’d like to go back again.

I read Never Forgotten as a digital ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Clean Teen Publishing.

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