Flashback Fridays

I’ve decided to add a new feature on the blog, starting tomorrow. These won’t be reviews exactly; they’ll be memories, as Flashback Friday suggests.

I read a lot. I read quickly. I forget a lot of what I read, but some books stay with me. Fridays will be my chance to reminisce about books that have made an impression on me, that have shaped my life or ideas, books that are connected to the people I love or the person I was.

I’ve reread all of these books since the first time, but I haven’t read any of them recently. I’m writing these short posts from my memories to explore the part these stories had in shaping me as a reader and a person. As I’ve been thinking back and writing about books for upcoming Flashback Friday posts I’ve begun to notice interesting connections between my reading life, family life, and my social life, too. Perhaps someday I’ll write a post about what I discover.

I’d love to hear about your Flashback books. What books make your list? What did they mean to you?




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