Dangerous by Shannon Hale

Bloomsbury 2014

Danger really is Maisie Brown’s middle name, but her life’s never felt particularly dangerous. Her life is pretty small; she’s a homeschooled only child with a mom and dad and one best friend, Luther. However, everything begins to change for Maisie when she finds a contest on the back of a cereal box. The prize for the contest is a stay at space camp.

It’s always been Maisie’s dream to be an astronaut, but with one whole arm and one prosthetic, she not sure the dream can ever become a reality. Space camp seems like a perfect opportunity to give it a try.

Maisie proves herself more than capable of any task space camp has to dish out, but space camp has extras that she didn’t expect: a seriously handsome camper, a mad scientist, and alien life forms that force Maisie Danger Brown to live up to her middle name.

Dangerous is an action-packed young adult story that allows readers to contemplate fun ideas like space travel and first love within an adventurous context, but it’s not simply an adventure or a romance. Themes of trust, loyalty, and secrecy pervade the narrative and give readers an opportunity to examine their own boundaries.

I loved being a part of Maisie’s life and journeying along to space camp and beyond. There’s enough action and suspense here to keep even the most reluctant reader going! This is a perfect book to put on your summer reading list.

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